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Our lawyers are accredited and knowledgeable not only regionally but also internationally.


The principle of confidentiality, which is one of the fundamentals of law, is always at utmost importance for us.


We support our knowledge with our experience, and we always find optimum solutions for you.

About Us

İstanbul, Köln, Stuttgart,
Madrid, Teheran...

Eskicioğlu Law Firm 2016 yılında İstanbul’da kurulmuş olup Köln, Stuttgart, Madrid ve Tahran’da ortaklıkları bulunan, hukukun pek çok dalında yerel ve uluslararası müvekkillere hizmet veren ve dava, danışmanlık hizmeti sunan uluslararası bir hukuk bürosudur.

Languages that we provide our expertise in

  • Turkish
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Persian
Legal Consulting


Law of Foreigners
Our Law Firm renders legal consultancy on the fields of Law of Foreigners, including but not limited to
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Labor Law
Sevil Eskicioglu Law Firm provides consultancy and advocacy services in the preparation of
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Commercial Law
Sevil Eskicioğlu Law Firm represents its clients in national and international platforms with the long years of experience in
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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
Sevil Eskicioglu Law Firm conducts extensive research in the field of Executive Law to determine all assets, movable
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Our Difference

Case Percentages

As a result of our expertise in specific fields, some files that cannot be resolved easily by everyone are resolved efficiently by our office. Our success rates according to the legal fields we are mainly interested in are shown in the table.

Labor Law 85%
Commercial Law 95%
International Dispute Resolution 90%
Contract Law 80%
Our Team

Our Attorneys

Av. İris Müller

Av. İris Müller

Marmara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi / Muğla (2015)
Av. Sevil Eskicioğlu
Founding Partner

Attorney Sevil Eskicioğlu

Konstanz University - 9 Eylül University / Bar Assoc. of Munich (2015) - Bar Assoc. of Istanbul (2020)
Av. Ata Göğüş

Attorney Ata Göğüş

Turkish - German University / Bar Assoc. of Istanbul (2021)
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+90 212 705 9525
Hansaring 88, D-50670, Köln / Almanya
+49 221 992 2663-0
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Our Articles

Scheidungsgrund: Ehebruch

Scheidungsgrund: Ehebruch

 Das vom Verschuldensprinzip geprägte türkische Scheidungsrecht erkennt den Ehebruch als besonderen Scheidungsgrund an und verbindet damit Rechtsfolgen wie Anspruch auf materiellen und immateriellen Schadensersatz des


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