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Attorney Sevil Eskicioğlu

Founding Partner
Attorney Sevil Eskicioğlu


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Sevil Eskicioğlu graduated from Konstanz Law Faculty in 2006 and accomplished her legal trainee at district commercial court in Stuttgart Germany primarily focused on international commercial law and obtain her equavalence degree from 9 Eylül Üniversitesi in İzmir. 

Before the foundation of Sevil Eskicioğlu Law Firm provided Sevil Eskicioğlu legal consultancy services under leading law firms in Germany and Turkey to the local and foreign clients in diverse areas of law. Sevil Eskicioğlu has a lot of experience with commercial law and corporate law and particularly upon the foreign direct investment. Sevil Eskicioğlu is providing litigation, legal consultancy and legal enforcerment services either in Germany and in Turkey since she is a member of the bar associations of both countries as a fully authorised lawyer

Education and Bar Association

Konstanz University – İzmir 9 Eylül UniversityBar Assoc. of Munich (2015) – Bar Assoc. of Istanbul (2020)

The foundation of justice is good faith.

Publishing and Certificates